About Us

The Rota Animal Welfare League (RAWL) is a non-profit animal care and adoption facility sustained entirely by community donations and volunteers. It has been an integral part of the NAVSTA Rota community for nearly 30 years. An elected volunteer board provides oversight. As a private organization, base approval is filed for annually. We depend on the support of our NAVSTA Rota’s command leadership, our military and civilian personnel and their families, and people just like you.

In 1989, a school teacher, a retired Navy chief petty officer and a retiree expat, combined their own individual efforts of helping homeless community animals into an organization. Thanks to the ceaseless hard work, private donations and volunteer participation, RAWL has become a thriving and caring halfway home for animals that is unique among military installations. To date, RAWL has successfully re-homed more than 1000 cats and dogs with caring individuals and families.

Due to our limited capacity in space, we are unable to take in stray animals and do not have an open admissions policy.

RAWL is very proud to be able to partner with local shelters and provide a new opportunity for some of their animals when space and numbers permit.

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For more details about us, check out our RAWL brochure.